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About Us


From the biggest block to be engineered to the smallest nut that requires engineering, Thirteen Kings Ltd can handle it all. 

Having established itself in Nairobi, Thirteen Kings Ltd decided to grow to even bigger heights, and has become one of the most competent engineering firms in the Laikipia Region. 

With a history in Mechanical Engineering passed on by generations, Thirteen Kings Ltd has established itself quite quick and strong in this field, with one of the directors on the machines himself, ensuring that all is done to the best capability. 

After having set the engineering workshop, the team at Thirteen Kings Ltd decided to increase it's capacity, with various other vehicle requirements. 

Thirteen Kings Ltd is now a one stop shop for all your vehicle needs. From engineering any mechanical part, to getting a quick minor service, or even major if needed, to accident repairs, diagnostics and taking into account all your needs, even a 24 hour recovery service. 


 Our aim is to offer a complete A-Z approach to our clients, without the complications they normally have to face.

We work together with the client to tailor it personally based on their engineering/vehicles problems being faced and financial profile.

 At Thirteen Kings Ltd, we aspire to take care of every detail associated with the client's need so that they can relax, knowing fully well that there is a professional team working on their case to secure the best outcome possible.

 Vehicles and Engineering can be complex and often a confusing picture for most people. Thirteen Kings Ltd understands engineering and various vehicles inside out, enabling us to offer professional and competent advice on all matters relating to them.

 We have a network of strategic alliances with various suppliers that provide original parts allowing us to provide a highly personalized and culturally appropriate service to our clients.

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